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  My Centre

My Requests

  1. This module allows registered users to request for WTO TBT notifications by specifying the desired countries and ICS.
  2. Whenever the notifications are available, you will be alerted by email.
  3. You may see all your alerted notifications at My Alerts.
  4. On the edit My Requests page, you may select the desired countries and ICS.
  5. If you wish to add or edit your request, click on Edit icon under Actions on My Requests to edit the request.
  6. Note that if you have selected ICS = 67 (Food Technology), you will receive notification alerts of this ICS level and its sub-ICS, namely 67.020, 67.080.10, etc.
  7. You may delete the request by clicking on Delete icon under Actions at anytime but it will not automatically delete your already received notification alerts just in case you will still need those alerts.
  8. Once your requests are made, on a nightly period you will receive email alerts of newly and recently (while still within their comment period) published notifications whenever they are available. You will not receive the same notification twice even if there would be an update on it. Whenever you view a WTO TBT notification, you will always see the most updated version from us.


My Alerts

  1. This is the module where all your requested notifications (also known as alerts) are located.
  2. You may click on a TBT Code or Title to view its detail and download available WTO documents.
  3. In this listing, you will notice under the Documents? column any number of attached documents for this notification and its language medium.
  4. If you have any question, inquiry or feedback, you may click on the Comment icon under Actions at each notification to submit an online comment. We will attempt to reply to your inquiry as soon as possible. Comment is permitted within the allowed comment date (usually 30 days). Once the period is expired, the Comment icon will disappear.
  5. You may also delete unwanted notification alerts but you will get some of them back if those published notifications have not yet expired (still within the comment period). We recommend that you either delete the unwanted requests or wait until after 30 days to delete the alerts.


List All Alerts

  1. This module is very similar to My Alerts except that the list here includes all published notifications in which some you may not have requested.
  2. The column No. of Requests informs you of how many users who have requested such notification.
  3. This list allows you to browse other notifications and to acquire any notification into your My Alerts for future review. You may do so by clicking on Acquire icon under Actions.


My Profile

  1. This module consists of your personal profile, login security and opt-in information.


Report Issues

  1. If you have found any issues or bugs with our system, please describe them as detail as possible by specifying the URL page where the issues occurred and what were your actions that gave rise to them in this online form.


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